16 October 2017 NLMK Group

Q3 2017 NLMK Group Trading update

In Q3 2017, steel output increased by 6% qoq to 4.4 m t (+8% yoy); capacity utilization rate increased to 100%. NLMK Group sales grew by 1% qoq and yoy to 4.24 m t.*

Q3 2017 highlights:

  • Steel output grew to 4.4 m t (+6% qoq and +8% yoy) due to increased output at NLMK’s Russian divisions driven by the seasonal uptick in demand in the Russian market.
  • Group sales grew by 1% (qoq and yoy) to 4.24 m t. Key growth factors: seasonal growth in demand in the Russian market and improved conditions in the global market.
  • NLMK Group sales in its ‘home markets’ hit an all-time high of 2.87 m t (+7% qoq) due to the +21% qoq (+5% yoy) growth of sales in Russia. The share of NLMK Group sales in ‘home markets’ grew to 67% (+3 p.p. qoq and +3 p.p. yoy).

* Hereinafter Q3 2017 & 9M 2017 output and sales figures are preliminary and can be updated. Hereinafter NLMK Group steel output is shown taking into account NBH performance. Sales to NLMK Group home markets are understood to be sales by NLMK Group companies in the regions where the products are produced in Russia, the EU and the USA.


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