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Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee drafts and submits recommendations to the Board regarding matters related to increasing the efficiency of the Company’s activities in the long term, promoting asset growth, profitability and a stronger investment case.

The Strategic Planning Committee is fully accountable to the Board of Directors of NLMK and is its advisory body. The activity of the Committee is governed by the Regulations on the Strategic Planning Committee.

The main objectives of the Strategic Planning Committee are:

  • To provide consulting support required by the Board of Directors for:
    • Setting strategic objectives aimed at the long-term development of the Company;
    • Developing initiatives aimed at increasing the Company’s profitability and its investment appeal;
    • Coordinating the activities of the Company’s structural units and the Board of Directors with regard to strategic planning.
  • To exercise control over the execution of resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors with regard to determining priority directions for business development and strategic planning.
  • To assess the Company's investor and shareholder relations policy.

Currently the Committee has the following composition: