• NLMK Kaluga

    Russia, Vorsino

    NLMK Russia Long

NLMK Kaluga

A new generation EAF mill, NLMK Kaluga is the biggest producer of steel products for use in construction in the central region of Russia. Based on the ‘mini-mill’ concept, it combines an EAF shop and a rolling shop which are located close to both feedstock sources and core customers.

Management: Sergey Shalyaev
Address: 20 Lyskina st., s.Vorsino, Kaluga region, 249020
Phone: +7 (48438) 2-98-88
  • 1,5 mln t
    steel a year
  • 1,2 k
    number of emloyees
  • 900 k
    rolled steel a year