• Responsible Leadership

    Responsible Leadership is at the heart of NLMK Group’s values. We are a team of professionals sharing these values and using them as guidelines for what we do.

We understand the concept of responsible leadership as:

  • Сontinuous improvement of processes

    Сontinuous improvement of processes


    Сontinuous improvement of processes and technologies to ensure efficient production of steel products that help improve the quality of life.

  • Protecting health           and safety of our employees

    Protecting health and safety of our employees


    Unwavering commitment to protecting health and safety of our employees and contractors; and ensuring favourable working conditions that allow our employees to fulfil their potential for professional and personal growth.

  • Efficient use of resources

    Efficient use of resources


    Efficient use of resources and pursuit of the best available environmental and energy efficiency standards, which we also expect our partners to comply with.

  • Client oriented approach

    Client oriented approach


    Production of unique premium quality steel products; and development of engineering solutions that help our customers to be on the cutting edge of innovation and to lead in their markets.

  • Ensuring equal opportunities for employees

    Ensuring equal opportunities for employees


    Ensuring equal opportunities for professional and personal growth of our employees, motivating initiative and innovation.

  • Active approach to social responsibility

    Active approach to social responsibility


    Active approach to social responsibility; and care for cultural legacy in the regions where we operate.

We are the people who work in all the enterprises of NLMK International Group

  • Igor Gudkov

    Galvanizer, Rolling Equipment, Mechanical Assembly Shop


    "The work in NLMK Group is, above all, a confident future outlook: opportunity for professional growth and career development, stability and a decent income."

  • Yevgeniy Kiryushchenko

    Engineer, Repair Plant


    "Novolipetsk is a stable and successful company. I see prospects here, I see an opportunity to express myself, to unlock my potential."

  • Maxim Kholodov

    Gasman, Rossiyanka Blast Furnace


    "For me, working at Novolipetsk is an opportunity to keep up with the times, together with a friendly, close-knit team to achieve success in the industry, have the prospects of promotion, clearly see the result of my work."

  • Sergey Myasoedov

    Head of Blast Furnace Shop No.1


    "The work at Novolipetsk for me, first of all, is a chance to be a leader."

  • Anton Gulin

    Chief Expert, Security


    "The work in Novolipetsk means confidence in the present and in the future. It means unlimited opportunities for self-fulfilment, success and continuous improvement."

  • Artyom Devyanin

    Gasman, Blast Furnace No.6


    "We work for the common cause. When we come to work, we join a team to implement the tasks together."

  • Maxim Putilin

    Acting Repairman, Railway Transport


    "The main quality of Novolipetsk as a modern, dynamic company, is the ability to maintain and build on the achievements in improving working conditions, introducing innovations to the production flow, industrial and environmental safety."

  • Sergey Sukhochyov

    Chief Expert, Production Efficiency Improvement, Repair Plant


    "Novolipetsk Steel is a serious, socially oriented company with a long history."

  • Vyacheslav Tarasenko

    Expert, Production Efficiency Improvement, Repair Plant


    "The work at Novolipetsk gives me social, professional and communicative guarantees: labour safety and an equitable pay, ongoing training, and, as a consequence, promotion, a friendly and interesting team."

  • Yevgeniya Kotosonova

    Engineer, Production Preparation, Rolling Equipment, Mechanical Assembly Shop


    "The work in NLMK Group means confidence in my own future."

  • Sergey Titov

    Operator, Energy Market Department


    "The work in NLMK Group is an opportunity to use the multidisciplinary resource of the Company for personal development and for unlocking my professional potential."

  • Yekaterina Yeletina

    Head of Production System Development


    "The work in NLMK Group is an opportunity to change things for the better and to see the results of our work."

  • Grigory Kostenko

    Repairman of Steelmaking Equipment, Mechanical Assembly Shop


    "Novolipetsk means prestige, an incentive for growth and development, and the future and innovation today."

  • Yevgeniya Litvinenko

    Head of Project Management


    "NLMK Group gives us all the chances for professional and personal development."

  • Olga Shcherbo

    Head of HR


    "For me, the most important thing at NLMK Group is the team: those who drive the company forward and help it maintain global leadership".
  • Denis Faskhutdinov

    Cold Metal Cutter, Cold Rolling Shop


    "NLMK is a company that focuses on the people it is comprised of".
  • Alexander Ivukin

    Cold Metal Cutter, Cold Rolling Shop


    "NLMK Group is highly efficient; and a leader across its business".
  • Natalya Dautova

    Crane Operator, Cold Rolling Shop


    "NLMK Group means stability".
  • Alexander Borodin

    Head of Heating Unit, Straightening and High-Temperature Annealing, Cold Rolling Shop


    "I like the company’s philosophy of continuous improvement. Most of the tasks require a creative approach, which means the job always presents fresh challenges".
  • Vladislav Fedotov

    Head of Rolling Unit, Cold Rolling Shop


    "Employees are the best thing that a company has. VIZ-Steel’s team, for example, combines professionalism, hard work and a focus on results".
  • Elizaveta Kharitonova

    Expert in Quality Assurance Team, Management Systems Department


    "What does working for NLMK Group mean to me?"
  • Alexei Novikov

    Heating Unit Control Room Operator, Decarburization and Recrystallisation Annealing, Cold Rolling Shop


    "NLMK Group is the world’s most efficient steel company. First and foremost, this creates excellent opportunities for balanced development across all NLMK Group companies".
  • Igor Bleznyak

    Coke Oven Heater, Coke Shop


    "I am a truly happy person. After enrolling on Altai-Koks job placement programme, I did a degree at the Kuzbass State Technical University in solid fuel chemical engineering; one of the main degrees in demand at the plant".
  • Anton Kudinov

    Senior Shopfloor Manager, Coke Shop


    "At NLMK Group, you feel that you’re part of the team".
  • Olesya Bocharina

    Laboratory Assistant, Environmental and Process Monitoring Laboratory


    "Inheriting a profession is a strong trend in the metals industry, stronger than anywhere else".
  • Sergei Moskalev

    Blacksmith, Coke Plant Repair Shop


    "There are no weak people working here. You need grit, stamina and patience to work here".
  • Tatiana Yermishina

    Head of Occupational Health and Safety


    "At NLMK Group, we really feel that we are working together for a common cause. I go to work with a smile on my face. I love it. It’s great!"
  • Vladimir Shcherbakov

    Welder (Electric and Gas Welding), Coke Plant Repair Shop


    "NLMK Group puts a great deal of effort into making blue-collar jobs more prestigious, creating good working conditions, offering health and recreation opportunities and investing heavily in sports activities".
  • Ivan Rassokhin

    Machinery Mechanic, Maintenance


    "I came to work at the mining equipment repair shop in 1979, so I’ve been working here for thirty-five years".
  • Olga Babenkova

    Laboratory Assistant, Gas and Dust Analysis, Laboratory for Environmental Protection and Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis


    "NLMK Group’s plant gives me stability and confidence in the future, which is important".
  • Alexander Pochekayev

    Head of Production Planning, Production Planning and Management Division


    "I’m proud to be working at NLMK Group: it’s an internationally renowned, successful and innovative company. Besides, I have a chance to contribute to its success".
  • Natalya Kosyanyuk

    Crane Operator, Railroad Shop


    "After joining NLMK Group seven years ago, I immediately felt that it was an integrated system where each element of the production chain worked smoothly and had been thought out to the very last detail".
  • Valentin Ivanov

    Laboratory Assistant and Microbiologist, Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis Team


    "Working at NLMK Group makes me feel part of something really grand. Serving as Russia’s shield in this strategically important industry, we mine millions of tonnes of ore, before processing it into steel".
  • Juliana Tsvetkova

    Senior Expert, Production Improvement Department


    "Working at NLMK is an opportunity to participate in challenging and exciting global projects".
  • Irina Kozhurova

    Control Room Operator, Beneficiation Plant


    "After working at Stoilensky for thirty years, I still feel that this is where I belong. I have watched as the history of the beneficiation plant has unfolded".
  • Tatiana Bobreshova

    Crane Operator, Maintenance


    "I’ve been with the plant for nineteen years, my entire working life. I came to work here immediately after graduating from vocational school".
  • Roman Borisov

    Production Department Engineer, Maintenance


    "I have only one entry in the employment history section of my resume: Stoilensky, where I began work twenty years ago".