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Sergei Patrakov

Instrumentation and Automation Technician, Instrumentation and Automation Unit

After school, Sergei Patrakov entered the Revda Multidisciplinary College where he took a degree in Operation and Maintenance of Electrical and Electromechanical Equipment. When Sergei was a fourth year student, he undertook an apprenticeship at NSMMZ.

“If you want to work at a manufacturing plant, you definitely need to do an apprenticeship,” Sergei said. “It’s a great opportunity to try out the equipment and look at things on the inside. Besides, it will make it easier to know what’s what at the plant in the future.”

A week before receiving his diploma, Sergei visited NSMMZ’s HR department and was offered a job as instrumentation and automation technician. Immediately after graduating from college, Sergei applied for a distance learning programme in Technology and Process Automation at Ural State Forest Engineering University.

In the past year, Sergei has moved from employee grade level three to four, as well as undergoing training in radiation safety and obtaining certification in gas-powered equipment at the Regional Training Centre. He plans to progress to grade five, complete his degree and get into the talent pool.