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Selection process and motivation

Working at NLMK is an opportunity to create a new future for yourself with one of the world’s most efficient metals companies. NLMK is building a team of professionals offering comprehensive support to talented and ambitious employees who bring new ideas to life and are focused on results.
170,5 mln RUB
investment in personnel training in 2014
employees yonger than 30


The Company has adopted a human resources policy which aims to recruit and retain the most talented young professionals, provide fair pay rises and a variety of incentives, run large-scale professional training and development programmes, and ensure workplace safety and social security for company employees.

The strategic goal of our HR policy is to build a team capable of achieving the Company’s strategic objectives.

NLMK’s human resources policy is based on the principle of partnership between employees and the employer; their shared responsibility for results; workplace safety; performance-based pay; equal opportunities for all; social benefits and protection; and additional corporate social programmes.

In line with these principles, NLMK consistently implements programmes designed to create opportunities for professional development, motivate staff to work hard, promote the best performing employees and attract both young talent and experienced professionals to work for the Company.


NLMK Group provides good working conditions and motivation to perform a job well by offering a competitive remuneration scheme and other incentives for employees, including performance-based rewards and extra social benefits, with opportunities for career growth.

The key principles and approaches to social support are governed by collective agreements signed at NLMK Group companies. Benefits packages include health improvement and leisure opportunities, lunches, workplace safety, support for mothers and children, social support for retirees and veterans, social recognition for best performers, and various types of social allowances.

NLMK Group companies encourage innovative ideas which drive production efficiency and help to achieve corporate goals. The Company delivers a broad range of programmes promoting talent development and motivation.


The health of employees is a priority for NLMK Group, which focuses close attention on developing a strong corporate health culture, establishing the conditions for a healthier lifestyle and improving mental and physical health.

NLMK Group companies have three medical stations and 25 health centres to provide medical treatment and regular health check-ups. Over 70% of employees working at NLMK Group’s Russian operations use the services of the Company’s healthcare network.

The Company provides employees with the chance each year to receive high-quality medical and wellness treatment both at its own facilities and in other regions of the country. The company provides access to quality treatment and rehabilitation from 10 health resorts and recreation centers.