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Students and schoolchildren

Since NLMK Group wishes to ensure that future employees are highly skilled, the Company works closely with schools and universities that have departments of metallurgy.

NLMK Group offers various work experience and research internships and apprenticeships, including paid placements. Annual plans are developed on the basis of requests submitted by the Group’s departments and functions. Universities and colleges then select the best-performing students in the relevant field. If students demonstrate good performance during their placement, then upon their graduation they are employed by NLMK Group companies. The Group’s main site in Lipetsk sets aside 200 jobs for this purpose.


Partnership with universities

NLMK Group works closely with universities and vocational colleges that have expertise in the steelmaking industry, namely MIS&S, Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk Polytechnic College No. 10 and Lipetsk Metals College. The Group invests in advanced training programmes for academic staff and other programmes designed to improve the quality of teaching, and also purchases equipment for the educational institutions.

NLMK Student, Lipetsk

The NLMK Student programme gives Lipetsk school graduates scholarships to fund full-time study at top Russian universities, including MIS&S, Voronezh State University, Voronezh State Technical University and Saint Petersburg State University. The Company pays tuition fees and a stipend. 

NLMK stipend

NLMK awards monthly stipend certificates to the top thirty students of Lipetsk State Technical University each year, adding it to the students’ main university stipend. The programme also includes visits to Novolipetsk in Lipetsk and other NLMK Group subsidiaries, as well as sports competitions

Extra training programmes

Lipetsk State Technical University offers an extra training programme designed to help students adapt to a working environment while they are still undertaking their studies. One hundred and twenty Novolipetsk employees conduct classes for students. A total of 140 students participate in the programme during their final year of study.