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19 October 2009

NLMK’s environmental specialists start using new equipment for air quality control

The physical-chemical laboratory at NLMK's Industrial Ecology Department has begun using a new ultraviolet gas analyzer for continuous air contamination level measurement.

By using the new equipment, the plant’s environmental specialists are able to control air quality dynamics at the production site, promptly reveal the sources of pollution and take measures to improve the condition of the air.

This gas analyzer operation is based on the absorption of hazardous substances through UV radiation and quickly and automatically determines the concentration of 23 pollutants including nitrogen oxides, sulphur, formaldehyde, phenol and organic compounds.

NLMK is currently the only company in the region with such unique equipment.

For reference:
NLMK’s physical-chemical laboratory is accredited with the Analytical Laboratories Accreditation System. Accreditation scope covers over 100 pollutants in air, water, waste and soil.

To determine non-organic substances, the laboratory uses ion chromatographs, and the concentration of organic substances is measured by state-of-the-art stationary and portable gas chromatographs.

Heavy metal content is determined using atomic absorption spectrometry methods. Air quality is controlled directly at a sampling point in a mobile environmental laboratory car with modern equipment.