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23 January 2012

NLMK’s Long Steel Division re-launches Electric Arc Furnace №1

NLMK reports that NSMMZ, its Urals based Long Steel Division steelmaking facility has successfully re-launched 1.1 mtpy Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) №1 at its Revda steelmaking facility, following repairs to a transformer at the plant since mid 2011. The equipment has passed all required high voltage tests.

Repairs, worth a total of RUR22 million, were undertaken by a local engineering company.

Currently both NSMMZ’s EAFs are running as planned under the Company’s production program.

For reference:

NSMMZ is the key asset of NLMK Group’s Long Products Division controlled by NLMK Long Products. Located in the Sverdlovk Region, it combines three production sites: EAF steelmaking in Revda with a capacity of 2.2 mtpy, long steel manufacturing in Nizhniye Sergi, and wire rod production in Berezovsky.

NLMK Long Products, one of the largest long steel and hardware manufacturers in the Russian market, is NLMK’s subsidiary, consolidating NLMK’s Long Products Division since December 2009. NLMK Long Products companies make up an integrated production structure covering the entire cycle from collection and processing of ferrous scrap to manufacturing downstream steel products – rebar, wire rod and hardware. NLMK Long Products key companies are: NSMMZ (combining EAF steelmaking and long steel manufacturing) and UZPS (hardware) located in the Sverdlovsk Region. The Kaluga EAF Mini-Mill, with a capacity of up to 1.55 mtpy of liquid steel and 1.5 mtpy of long products is currently under construction. The Company’s raw material division is represented by Vtorchermet NLMK, one of Russia’s leading scrap collecting businesses, present in various regions around the country.