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Social responsibility

The Company sees its social mission as achieving sustainable development goals, which meet the long-term economic interests of the business, contribute to community welfare, along with conservation of the environment and the observance of human rights within the territories of its operation.

The combined efforts of the Company, its employees and communities are aimed at achieving the following strategic goals:

  • Create a favourable and predictable social and economic environment for its employees and local communities;
  • Improve corporate governance frameworks for economic, environmental and social activities of the Company;
  • Comply with international environmental protection standards. Focus on the best state-of-the-art technologies;
  • Observe business ethics principles, resist corruption and terrorism;
  • Develop new types of products to meet customer expectations;
  • Create an environment for the stronger performance by Company employees;
  • Ensure sustainable improvements in welfare and social safety for Company employees and safe workplace environments.
Key aspects of corporate responsibility 2016 objectives 2016 results Achievement of set objectives: analysis 2017 objectives
Engagement with local communities Development of regions where NLMK operates To implement initiatives that promote the sustainable development of the regions where the company operates and maintain social and economic stability in local communities. Investment in social needs and the development of the regions where the company operates totaled 2.95 billion rubles ($44 million) in 2016; whilst over 500 million rubles ($7 million) was allocated to charity. 100%
NLMK Group actively participated in the development of the regions where its assets operate
To continue implementing measures to promote the sustainable development of the regions where the company operates