Corporate governance system

NLMK corporate governance system is built on the key principles provided by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, 2015), and provisions of the Corporate Governance Code approved by the Russian regulatory authorities.

Key principles lying at the core of our Corporate Governance are to:
  • Ensure effective and transparent mechanisms safeguarding the rights and interests of shareholders.
  • Ensure equal treatment of all shareholders.
  • Ensure equal and fair treatment of all shareholders when they use their right to participate in the Company’s management processes.
  • Strictly observe the rights of third parties.
  • Pursue a common corporate policy in respect of subsidiary companies, affiliates and other legal entities in which NLMK is the founder, a participant or a member.
  • Maintain a policy of open and transparent communications.
  • Promote a policy of complying with business ethics in conducting its operations.
  • Ensure compliance with the existing laws and international corporate governance standards.
Тhe Governance structure includes:

Corporate governance system External auditors Internal Audit Commission Corporate secretary General Shareholders' Meeting Board of directors President (Chairman of the Management Board) Strategic Planning Committee Human Resources, Remuneration and Social Policies Committee Audit Committee Corporate Audit and Control Services Members of the Management Board Managing Director Vice President, HR & Managment System Vice President, Sales Vice President for Operational Efficiency Vice President, Logistics Vice President, International Operations Senior Vice President, Deputy Chairman of the Managment Board

Please use the following link to explore Corporate Governance Reports (contained in Annual Reports).