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     Consolidated Financial results Q1 2015 (US GAAP)

     NLMK 12M 2014 RAS Financial Results

Annual Report 2013

"The global economy is entering a new phase of uncertainty. Developed economies are still experiencing unstable growth, while developing economies are slowing down. The global steel market is quickly approaching the moment of truth, when the strategies of many production companies will be thoroughly challenged. The model that we have implemented at NLMK combines the production of steel and key raw materials in low-cost regions with the manufacture of high value added products close to the end consumer. This type of model gives steel manufacturers the strategic flexibility to achieve success under conditions of slow growth and tight competition".

Vladimir Lisin, Chairman of the Board of Directors

For more information, please follow the link.

2013 Social Responsibilities and Environment Activities

For more information please go to "Sustainability"

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