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26 November 2020
NLMK and its social partner, the Mercy (‘Miloserdiye’) Charitable Foundation, continue to provide support to NLMK employees and local communities in regions where the Company operates in the face of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
25 November 2020
NLMK Lipetsk has mastered the production of a new grade of high-strength cold-rolled steel, a unique product for the Russian market.
19 November 2020
NLMK Group, a global steel company, has opened Industrial Qualification Assessment Centers in the Lipetsk and Sverdlovsk regions. These centers will carry out independent qualification assessment of NLMK employees, specialists from other companies, and college graduates.
16 November 2020
NLMK Indiana and NLMK Pennsylvania (hereinafter referred to as NLMK USA), NLMK Group’s American division companies, have reached an amicable settlement with the United States Government resolving NLMK’s lawsuit challenging the Department of Commerce’s denial of NLMK’s requests for exclusion from Section 232 steel tariffs.
12 November 2020
NLMK Lipetsk, an NLMK Group company has launched an anhydrous cooling system for blast furnace slag as part of its environmental upgrade programme. This will enable it to reduce hydrogen sulfide emissions in the corresponding area by 3.5x and keep the smell from this chemical compound to a minimum.
3 November 2020
NLMK Group, a global steel company, has established a centre to process and analyze data collected using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at its mining facilities.
2 November 2020
NLMK Group, a global steel company, has delivered premium laser-treated electrical transformer steel to SVEL Group, a leading Russian manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment. NLMK steel was used to make a 630 MVA three-phase potential transformer for the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Plant.
27 October 2020
NLMK Lipetsk has commenced a project to overhaul its pre-painting line (PPL-1) with a productivity of 195,000 tonnes of pre-painted steel per year. This upgrade will enable the company to increase strip quality, double the output of premium pre-painted steel grades, and reduce production costs.
21 October 2020
NLMK Group's Board of Directors recommended NLMK shareholders to approve Q3'20 dividend in the amount of RUB 6.43 per share at the Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting (EGM) which will be held on 18 December 2020. This sum includes one-off dividends of RUB 3.21 per share aimed at compensating the decrease in dividends in Q4 2019 following the resolution of the Meeting of Shareholders held on 24 April 2020.
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