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5 november 2019
NLMK Lipetsk, the flagship site of NLMK Group, has relaunched Blast Furnace No.6 (BF-6) following a large-scale upgrade. The overhaul of Blast Furnace No.6 is one of NLMK Group’s Strategy 2022 key projects. As a result, the maximum output of the furnace increased by 8% to 3.4 million tonnes of pig iron per year. A new air treatment system captures 99.9% of dust particles, keeping residual dust content at the level of best available techniques (BAT) of 5 mg/m3.
31 october 2019
NLMK Group won the ‘Leader in Competitive Procurement’ award, topping the ‘Company of the Year’ nomination. The expert jury applauded the contribution of NLMK Group's procurement team to its procurement process development. Over the last five years, the Company has successfully implemented a Group-wide procurement information system that currently covers over 90% of NLMK Group's suppliers, and set up direct strategic partnerships with its key suppliers.
30 october 2019
NLMK Group and the Skolkovo Foundation have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on innovation.The Skolkovo Foundation will provide NLMK Group access to its project portfolio, including R&D in construction, advanced materials, coating processes, energy-efficient solutions and IT products, to enable NLMK to improve its production and business processes. The parties have also agreed on formats for expert and advisory support for relevant projects.
30 october 2019
NLMK Lipetsk, the flagship site of NLMK Group, has started commercial deliveries of S500MC and S550MC high-strength HRC (yield strength 500 and 550 MPa) to the Russian market. These steel products are used in the manufacture of dump truck bodies, scrap trucks, truck chassis, cranes and other special purpose machinery. The use of high-strength steel in structures enables a 20% increase in carrying capacity, reduced weight, and lower fuel consumption per tonne of cargo.
29 october 2019
NLMK Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Dmitry Sotnikov as NLMK Group Vice President for Investment Projects. Konstantin Lagutin, NLMK Group’s previous VP for Investment Projects, has made the decision to step down from the position. He will stay on with the Company until the end of the year as Advisor to NLMK Group President and CEO.
25 october 2019
The Board of Directors of NLMK Group (LSE: NLMK; MOEX: NLMK), a global steel company, has approved the Company’s Sustainable Development Policy.
24 october 2019
At a meeting held on 24 October 2019, the Board of Directors of NLMK Group, an international steel company, approved the new composition of the Group’s Management Board
24 october 2019
At a meeting held on 24 October 2019, NLMK Group's (LSE: NLMK) Board of Directors recommended the Company's shareholders to approve Q3'19 dividend of RUB 3.22 per share at the upcoming Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting (EGM) which will be held on 20 December 2019.
24 october 2019
NLMK Group (LSE: NLMK, MOEX: NLMK) today announced its Q3 2019 financial results. Revenue amounted to $2,576 m (-8% qoq) with an EBITDA margin of 25%. Free cash flow totalled $249 m (-3% qoq).
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