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16 october 2019
NLMK Lipetsk, the flagship site of NLMK Group, has supplied a trial batch of pre-painted steel with improved coating quality to leading white goods manufacturer LG Electronics plant in Russia. NLMK steel will be used to make washing machine bodies.
15 october 2019
NLMK Group (LSE: NLMK, MOEX: NLMK) has published today its Q3 2019 and 9M 2019 operating results. NLMK Group sales decreased by 6% qoq to 4 m t due to repairs at NLMK’s Lipetsk site. The share of finished products grew by 4 p.p. qoq to 68%.
10 october 2019
NLMK La Louvière, one of the leading producers of flat steel coils in Belgium and a company of NLMK Group, has embarked on a 150 million euro project to revamp its hot strip mill, expanding production of thinner, stronger and more environmentally friendly steel.
10 october 2019
NLMK (LSE: NLMK) will be announcing its consolidated IFRS results for Q3 2019 on Thursday, October 24, 2019.
10 october 2019
NLMK Group, a global steelmaker, and Belgian investment fund SOGEPA (Société wallonne de Gestion et de Participations S.A.), have signed an agreement on joint execution of the NLMK Belgium Holdings (NBH) development strategy.
2 october 2019
NLMK Lipetsk, NLMK Group’s flagship site, has started hot testing at its new furnace for preheating slabs before rolling at Mill 2000. The new reheating furnace will increase NLMK Lipetsk’s hot-rolled steel output by 110,000 tonnes (+2%), reduce energy consumption by 50%, and almost halve air emissions.
27 september 2019
At the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting (EGM) held on 27 September 2019, NLMK shareholders approved the payment of Q2’19 dividends of RUB 3.68 per share. The total amount of Q2’19 dividends payable to shareholders is equivalent to 136% of the Company's free cash flow based on its IFRS consolidated results for the corresponding period.
27 september 2019
NLMK Lipetsk has embarked on the development of project documentation and site preparation for the construction of a new recovery power plant running on by-product gases from steelmaking operations.
26 september 2019
NLMK Group has shipped 5 million tonnes of slabs to Vyksa Steel Works (VSW, part of OMK Group). NLMK Group and OMK created an unique process chain in Russia in 2012. NLMK manufactures slabs at it Lipetsk site from captive iron ore supplied by Stoilensky. VSW then processes these slabs into heavy plates at Mill 5000 and into large-diametre pipes at its Pipe Electric Welding Plant No. 4.
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