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Corporate secretary

The Corporate Secretary ensures efficient interaction with shareholders, coordination of the Company’s activities aimed at the protection of shareholders’ rights and interests, and supports the effective operation of the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Secretary’s main duties are to:

  • Contribute to preparing for and organizing of the General Meeting of Shareholders;
  • Secure compliance with the procedures established by the law and NLMK’s internal documents that provide for the enforcement of rights and legitimate interests of shareholders and control their execution;
  • Support the operation of the Board of Directors and its Committees;
  • Contribute to the execution of NLMK’s disclosure policy and supervise records management.
  • Support the interaction between NLMK and regulators, brokerage firms, the registrar and other players in the securities market, as well as NLMK’s affiliates;

Contribute to improving NLMK’s corporate governance system and practices.

The Corporate Secretary is appointed and dismissed by the President (Chairman of the Management Board) on the base of a decision by the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Secretary functionally reports to the Board of Directors and administratively reports to NLMK President (Chairman of the Management Board). The rights and duties of the Corporate Secretary are governed by the Regulation on the Corporate Secretary.

Valeriy Loskutov has been the Corporate Secretary from 2005.

Valeriy Loskutov
Corporate secretary