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Insider information

You will find NLMK Group’s internal documents regarding insider information below.

NLMK Group Regulations on Insider Information

List of information NLMK Group considers Insider Information

According to The Order of the Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia No. 13-51/pz-n dated 18.06.2013 "On approval of the Regulations on procedure of notification of the persons of add into the list of insiders and removal from such list; the Regulations on procedure of transfer of the lists of insiders to the trade organizers through which the transactions in financial instruments, foreign currency, and (or) goods are performed; the Regulations on procedure and time frames of submitting of notifications by the insiders concerning transactions performed by them" persons included in NLMK’s list of insiders must submit to NLMK the notification of transactions with NLMK securities within 10 (ten) working days from the date of a transaction in case they are:

1) Members of NLMK’s Board of Directors, Management Board, and (or) Audit Commission;

2) Individuals having access to NLMK’s inside information through labour and (or) civil contracts with NLMK.

Notifications of transactions performed by NLMK’s insiders, who are not listed above, shall be provided to NLMK upon its request.

The notifications should be sent to NLMK’s Corporate Secretary Office at 2 Metallurgov Sq., 398040, Lipetsk, Russia.

The completed notification can be sent to NLMK:

- by post;

- through NLMK’s forwarding service.

- by e-mailing an electronic document to NLMK Corporate Secretary V. Loskutov (

Notifications of transactions performed by NLMK’s insiders shall be provided to the Bank of Russia upon request (demand, directive).

Upon receiving the request from NLMK or the Bank of Russia must submit the notification of transactions with securities to the respective addressee within 10 (ten) working days from the date when the request (demand, directive) was received.

The information concerning NLMK securities can be found here.

Notification form on insider performing NLMK securities transaction (legal entity)

Notification form on insider performing NLMK securities transaction (individual)

In case of identification of any violation of the procedures regarding the access to and/or the use of NLMK’s insider information, and on matters related to the status of insider and NLMK’s insider information, please contact V. Loskutov, Corporate Secretary of NLMK Group (via

The table below provides information on restricted periods during which NLMK’s Management may not perform any transactions with NLMK securities:

Closed period

Corresponding event date

5 January – 14 February 2019 

4-8 February 2019: 12M 2018 Consolidated Financial Results (based on International Financial Reporting Standards or IFRS)

23 March – 25 April 2019 

22-26 April 2019: Q1 2019 Financial Results (IFRS).

22 June – 30 July 2019 

22-26 July 2019: H1 2019 Financial Results (IFRS).

21 September – 24 October 2019

21-25 October 2019: 9M 2019 Financial Results (IFRS).