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For ESG investors

Our company is a socially responsible business. We understand that our responsibility encompasses not only the output of high-quality products, but also the development of society; protection of the environment; provision of comfortable and safe working conditions; creation of opportunities for career growth for our employees; as well as support for the health and welfare of not only NLMK Group employees but also their families and those in the communities where we operate.

We focus all of our efforts to ensure that NLMK’s leadership in performance goes hand in hand with the most advanced practices of corporate governance. We are constantly striving to remain aligned with the high standards of corporate governance that are expected of a public company.

26 May 2020 NLMK Group rolls out social assistance programme amid COVID-19 pandemic >>>
10 April 2020 NLMK Group sets aside funds to support fight against COVID-19 in home regions


 31 March 2020
NLMK Group ensures employees over 65 stay at home >>>
 26 March 2020
NLMK is to revise capital allocation in 2020 >>>