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Independent Board members

We believe that there should be at least three Independent Directors on the Company’s Board of Directors.

The majority of the members of the Company’s Board of Directors are independent directors. Currently there are 5 Independent Directors:

According to the Regulations on the Board of Directors independent directors are Board members who have sufficient professional experience and independence to have their own viewpoints, able to pass impartial and fair judgements that are independent of the influence of the Company’s executive bodies, certain groups of shareholders or other stakeholders. An independent director is a person, who:

  • is not associated with the Company;
  • is not associated with a significant shareholder of the Company;
  • is not associated with a significant counterpart or a competitor of the Company.
  • is not associated with the state (Russian Federation or its constituent territory) or any municipality

For more detailed information on the independence criteria of members of the Board of Directors please refer to the Company’s Regulation on the Board of Directors.