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Dear NLMK shareholders!

In order to comply with the rules stipulated in Article 23 “Personal income tax” of the Russian Tax Code (Part 2), NLMK hereby informs you of the procedure for how to receive a personal income and tax certificate.

In order to get a certificate on personal income received as dividends for a year when such dividends were paid and withhold tax amounts, please send the original application signed by the individual in person to NLMK at 2 Metallurgov Sq., 398040, Lipetsk, Russia. Prior to that, please send a copy of the original application to or by fax +7 4742 44 22 55. /application form attached/.

Due to the fact that the information provided in the certificate is confidential, please collect your certificate in person or by proxy with a duly executed power of attorney giving the right to collect a personal income and tax certificate from office 102, 9 Maya Str., 398040, Lipetsk. Phone +7 (4742) 444-203; 444-205 /in case the shareholder specifies in their application the wish to receive the certificate by mail, NLMK shall send the certificate by Russian post to the address indicated in the application/.

Please note that in accordance with the new amendments to the Russian Tax Code (Part 2) starting from 01.01.2014 in respect of those shareholders who have registered their NLMK shares on securities accounts at depositaries (i.e. without opening a personal account in NLMK’s shareholder register), the tax agent’s functions are performed by the depository paying out the dividend income; and therefore the shareholders falling into this category should request their personal income and tax certificates from the depositary. 

For further details please call +7 (4742) 444-203; 444-205; 444-463.


Application form:

To NLMK Group
from NLMK Group shareholder


(Full name)

In accordance with Item 3 Article 230 of the Tax  Code of the Russian Federation, I hereby request a certificate on personal dividend income on NLMK Group’s shares and withhold taxes in 20___ .

Please find below my personal information herein for processing this request:
- passport (series, number, date of issue, issuing authority)__________________________________________________;
- date of birth ______________________;
- registered address (residence address) ___________________________;
- collection method (in person, by proxy, by mail);
- contact number ______________________________________.

Signature__________________ ____________________________(name)
Date _________________ 

Access to NLMK’s documents and/or copies of documents is provided according to Federal Law No. 208-FZ “On Joint Stock Companies” of 26.12.1995 (hereinafter referred to as the Law) and other regulations of the Russian Federation, NLMK’s Charter and internal documents, resolutions of NLMK’s Board of Directors, upon the written request of a shareholder (recommended request form), provided this is in compliance with the requirements to the protection of confidential information.

Shareholders may not disclose confidential information on NLMK’s activities. In order to provide access to confidential information to a shareholder it is necessary that this shareholder sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA form). Under Article 91 of the Law and item 47.2 Article 47 of NLMK’s Charter, the copies of requested documents shall be provided for a fee (please follow the link for more details on the cost of document copies and bank details for transfer). Please send your requests to V. Loskutov, Corporate Secretary of NLMK Group, at 2 Metallurgov Sq., 398040, Lipetsk, Russia.

Advice to shareholder on how to protect their rights:

It is increasingly common for our shareholders to receive proposals to sell their NLMK shares or requests to confirm their personal information. Such proposals may come from bad-faith participants in the securities market.

In such cases, NLMK shareholders are advised to be guided by the following recommendations:

1. If you want to sell your shares try to rely on the services of investment companies or brokers with a strong professional reputation in the securities market. It is highly recommended to check the information you receive from potential buyers on the websites of corresponding investment companies and brokers among others.

2. In order to avoid cases of potential fraud, shareholders should under no circumstances provide their passport details, credit card details or other information to unknown persons.

3. In cases when a shareholder needs to change (update) their personal information in the shareholder’s register, they should contact the registrar maintaining NLMK’s shareholder register. For details on the procedure and the format of necessary documents please contact NLMK’s registrar (JSC RIR Agency at 10b 9 Maya Str., 398017, Lipetsk. Phone: +7 (4742) 443-095. Website

Important notice for shareholders:

Due to the fact that NLMK’s shareholders have been receiving letters from Ticker Invest LLC with proposals to conclude a deposit agreement regarding their NLMK shares at high non-market interest rates, kindly note that the use of mailing addresses and full names of NLMK shareholders for sending such letters is illegal (mailing address, full name and the fact of ownership of shares are personal data which can be processed only with the written consent of the shareholder in line with the federal law “On Personal Data”. Therefore, the use of this data in the absence of such consent can be regarded as illegal actions on the part of the company).

It should also be noted that NLMK does not have information about this company’s possession of a license of the Bank of Russia for carrying out operations with securities.

In order to avoid falling victim to fraud, try to rely on the services of investment companies or brokers with a strong professional reputation in the securities market and the necessary licenses.