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Vladimir Bykovsky

Diesel Locomotive Driver, Stoilensky

Vladimir Bykovsky came to work at Stoilensky in 1981 as an assistant diesel locomotive driver. The plant was not hiring, but the young man had experience gained fr om working at another mining company and a train driving licence, which set up his future life and career. When Vladimir returned from the army in 1984, he immediately started working as a locomotive driver. Four years later, when the government began sending groups of young people to work at construction sites, Vladimir was appointed senior train driver on special Komsomol train No. 289, wh ere he worked until he was promoted to train driving instructor. He has held this position for the past eight years.

“I try to teach young people what I know myself”, Vladimir said. “The best way to learn the ropes is to work as an assistant train driver for three years before becoming a train driver. Then it will take you five more years before you feel you are a train driver. How much time do I devote to one student? As much as they need to gain the knowledge and skills required. There are no timeframes. People are different: some of them need more time, others need less…”