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Personnel development

Investing in the development of the knowledge and skills of employees is strategically important for NLMK Group to consolidate its leadership position. With this in mind, the Company runs capability building programmes across all its operations.

NLMK Group sees investment in the professional development of employees as a prerequisite for ensuring a long-term competitive advantage and dynamic development, as well as for increasing the value of human capital and ultimately the intrinsic value of the Company.

High-quality professional training ensures that our personnel possess the level of skills required to accomplish their daily tasks; it fosters loyalty, creating a favourable workplace environment and having a direct impact on corporate culture.

170.5 million rubles
In 2014, NLMK Group invested in professional training
with 42 600
employees covered by a variety of educational programmes.

Personnel development priorities

  • Professional coaching
  • Professional training
  • Training for workers to acquire additional related skills
  • Advanced training across all areas of professional expertise
  • Building and training a talent pool
  • Executive training

The personnel training system is tailored to satisfy the needs of the company’s business units and areas of expertise; and apply modern requirements to the skill level of personnel.

Professional coaching is a vital stage of the onboarding process, where professional expertise accumulated by NLMK Group is passed on to new employees.

Mentors and coaches – departmental heads, shopfloor managers, and unit and shift supervisors – help their people to find their way in the new working environment; and identify their development priorities to build a tailored training programme.

NLMK Group companies provide coaching-based training and seminars for their employees in educational centres at production sites. The best mentor is recognised at the end of each year in the Mentor of the Year competition.

NLMK Group Leaders 2025 programme is aimed at the development of a strategic pool of leadership talent for NLMK Group companies. It serves as a follow-up to the NLMK Group Leaders 2020 programme whose graduates currently hold senior executive positions in the Group.

During the year-long course, programme participants receive basic training in strategy, economics, finance, HR and project management, while sharpening their skills in making business presentations, time management and interpersonal communication.

The programme has already proved itself effective, with 65% of its participants currently holding executive positions, such as general directors in certain lines of business and production directors in subsidiaries.

The talent pool is a team of employees who have passed an initial selection process and have the potential required to carry out the duties of their direct supervisors.

Talent pool employees have the following opportunities:

  • Advanced training courses
  • Training at higher education and vocational secondary education institutions sponsored by the Company
  • Training and appraisal
  • On-the-job training in the position to be filled

Professional competitions

NLMK Group places paramount importance on improving the image of blue-collar jobs, developing technical creativity and encouraging employees to increase productivity and upgrade skills. To support these goals, the Company holds annual professional skills competitions. Over 4,000 employees took part in the competitions in 2014.

Project competitions

A blue-collar professional skills competition is held annually to celebrate the Steelworker’s Day and aims to foster professional development. It has two stages: a theoretical testing stage and a practical one. Winners receive monetary awards.

Striving to motivate coaches and mentors and encourage them to be more active in their work, creative activities and social life, and in order to engage qualified employees in mentoring, the Company holds the Best Mentor competition at the end of each year.

Top-performing mentors who excel at helping new employees become acquainted with the organisation are named the Best Mentor of the Year and receive monetary awards.

Employees who presented their engineering projects developed during the year may qualify for the Engineer of the Year competition. Project designers must have hold a higher professional education and have at least one year of work experience with NLMK.

The Foreman of the Year competition has been held by NLMK Group’s regional operations since 2005. Company employees taking part in the competition go through on-the-job testing, play business games and present a project. Winners receive monetary awards.