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21 September 2011

EAF equipment delivered to NLMK’s Kaluga Mini Mill

A complete set of equipment supplied by Austrian VAI SIEMENS for the EAF Shop at NLMK’s Kaluga Mini Mill, which is currently under construction, has arrived at the site.

The electric-arc furnace (EAF), ladle furnace (LF) and 8-strand continuous casting machine (CCM) are currently being assembled at the plant. The EAF will feature Ultimate, an innovative steelmaking technology, combining high specific electric power (more than 1 mWA/t) and a single-bucket EAF charging practice. The twin-stand ladle furnace will allow steel to be treated in two ladles in different positions. The 8-strand continuous casting machine (CCM) will allow continuously casting steel in batches of up to 43 heats without stopping for changeover. This will increase the yield up to 99%. The process line will be the most productive in Russia and one of the best in the world.

Top-grade process solutions and equipment ensure high performance and energy efficiency, as well as environmental safety.

To date, assembly works at the EAF Shop are 55% complete. The plan is to complete the supply of main process equipment for the rolling facilities in October 2011. The light-section rolling mill will be supplied by SMS MEER.

For reference:

The Kaluga Mini Mill project is included into the list of top-priority investment projects of the Russian Steel Industry Development Strategy to 2020. It is being implemented as part of the program to set up the Vorsino Industrial Park in the north of the Kaluga Region. It is aimed at: reducing energy consumption; decreasing the environmental footprint; and improving the quality of long products. The plant startup is scheduled in three stages. During the first and second stages in 2012, EAF and rolling complexes will be put in operation, with an output of up to 1 mtpa of liquid steel, as well as long products and profiles. The decision on further development of production facilities will be considered in 2012. It will involve product mix expansion and total output increase up to 1.55 mtpa of rolled products. With the plant go-live, a total of 1250 employees with competitive salaries and social benefits will be involved in production and support activities.
NLMK Long Products is one of the largest producers of long products and metalware in the Russian market. NLMK Long Products is a subsidiary that consolidates companies belonging to NLMK Group’s Long Products Division since December 2009. NLMK Long Product companies make up an integrated production chain from the collection and processing of ferrous scrap to the manufacture of downstream steel products – re-bar, wire rod and metalware. NLMK-Long Products key companies are NSMMZ in the Sverdlovsk Region (EAF and long products) and UZPS (metalware). The Kaluga Mini-Mill is under construction. Raw materials are represented by Vtorchermet NLMK – one of the largest associations of scrap-collecting companies in Russia operating in different regions of the country.