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1 October 2007

First compliance audit of NLMK’s products for the civil construction industry successfully completed

NLMK is pleased to announce that it has passed a regular compliance audit performed by the certification body TUV CERT reviewing compliance with the provisions of the European Directive - 89/106/EEC and the right to use СЕ mark for steel products, produced for civil construction industry.

During the audit, NLMK’s quality management systems, standard documentation, activities of the production subdivisions and technical services were checked.

The auditors confirmed the compliance of the company with the mandatory requirements of the Directive, as well as NLMK’s right to use the CE marking on their products.

The system of directives, developed by the European Union makes it possible to trace the quality of the products, coming into the European market, as well as their safety for the consumers’ health and for the environment.

CE marking demonstrates the compliance of a product with the provisions of the directives and gives the product the right to be present in the European market.