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11 February 2008

NLMK commissions high capacity continuous casting machine

Novolipetsk Steel has refurbished and commissioned its most productive 2.5 million tpa continuous casting machine (CCM-6) which produces a wide range of high-quality slabs of various grades.

This upgrade enables a 1.2 million tonnes, increase in capacity by ensuring higher surface and internal quality of concast slabs, and lower operation and maintenance costs.

The CCM can cast 200-250 mm thick, 900-1850 mm wide and 5100-12000 mm long steel slabs.

The RUR4.2 billion project has been implemented in cooperation with Siemens VAI as part of the 2nd stage of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Programme.

For reference:
The main objectives of the 2nd stage of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Programme for 2007 – 2011 include:
- Increase crude steel output from 9 up to 12.4 million tpa.
- 100% self-sufficiency in key raw materials.
- Higher finished flats output – from 5 to 9.5 million tpa, due to the refurbishing of NLMK’s existing rolling facilities and the acquisition of new rolling assets.
Total investments into the 2nd stage of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Programme will exceed USD 4 billion by 2011.