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29 October 2008

NLMK commissions new turbogenerator

A new 25 MW turbogenerator has been commissioned at NLMK’s main production site in Lipetsk. The turbogenerator will enhance power generation, improve the efficiency of the existing high pressure steam generation facilities, ensure reliable power supply to the shops and optimize of utilization of the steam consuming facilities.

The new generating facilities are highly automated. Their state-of-the-art control system allows data to be exchanged with other systems of the Cogeneration Power Plant and also with NLMK’s centralized automated energy accounting system. The data collected during operation is saved to further analyze the equipment performance.

The project, valued at more than RUR 365 million, was implemented as part of Phase 2 of NLMK Technical Upgrade Program.

For reference:
Phase 2 of the Technical Upgrade Program for 2007-2011 envisages the increase of crude steel output from 9 up to 12.4 million t per year, as well as building up production of finished flats from 5 to 9,5 million t per year, and the achievement of 100% self-sufficiency in basic raw materials. This year the Company has signed a contract for construction of a new power plant for 150 MW. The expansion of generating facilities will enable NLMK to raise its electricity self-sufficiency up to 60%.