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25 March 2009

NLMK continues to implement environmental protection measures in steelmaking

NLMK has begun the reconstruction of the gas exhaust ducts of its BOFs with a secondary emissions collection and cleaning system. This measure, applied to the Company’s three BOFs, will increase steel production by almost 11% and reduce annual air emissions by more than 17 thousand tons.

The reconstruction is being carried out in three stages for each BOF. An aspiration system for the bulk materials supply duct is being constructed at BOF No. 1 and an aspiration system for secondary emission collection – at BOF No. 3.

The gas ducts from the BOF section to the bleeder have already been assembled, the second-stage gas cleaning scrubber assembly is currently being completed and foundation casting for the smoke exhauster is in progress. All construction and assembly works are scheduled to be completed by the end of April, and starting from June, the operation of BOF No. 1 with the new gas cleaning ducts will begin.

Reconstruction of gas exhaust ducts at BOF No. 2 is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2009, and works at BOF No. 3 will be underway.

Implementation of this RUR7 bn project forms part of Phase II of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Program.

For reference:
In modern metallurgy BOF steelmaking is one of the key sources of air pollutants generated by steel mills. The bulk of these emissions is carbon oxide resulting from its incomplete combustion. The BOF gas exhaust duct equipment currently in operation at NLMK was assembled during the reconstruction of the shop in 1983-1985 and is now obsolete.
The total amount allocated by the Company to environmental protection measures in 2008 is over RUR 2.6 bn.