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30 March 2006

NLMK expands capacities of its mechanical engineering complex

New equipment, designed for producing spare parts used in hydraulic cylinders of metallurgical facilities, has been commissioned at NLMK’s Maintenance Works.

The equipment enables production of spare parts from new-generation composites characterized by improved mechanical properties such as strength and temperature endurance that substantially prolong life cycle of the parts. Specially tailored computer programme of the unit automatically defines proper parameters and modes of processing, thus ensuring high precision in manufacturing.

The project worth RUR 10.64 mln, financed within the framework of Phase I of the Technical Upgrading Programme, is aimed at further enhancement of the Company’s technical capabilities. Implementation of the project will allow for a higher quality of maintenance and repair operations and ensure reliable operation of main facilities.

To upgrade and maintain production facilities of the Company, in 2005 mechanical engineering complex manufactured equipment and spare parts for the amount exceeding RUR 4.06 billion.