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1 March 2016

NLMK Group increases social investments by 13% in 2015

In 2015, NLMK Group, an international steel company with assets in Russia, the USA and the EU, increased spending on social programmes at its Russian companies by 13% to RUB 3.3 billion.

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Priority areas of NLMK Group’s social investment were the creation of comfortable and safe working conditions; development of educational programmes for employees; and healthcare, cultural and sporting projects.

Alexander Sokolov, NLMK Group Vice President for Social Issues, said:

“By developing the regions where we operate and ensuring a good standard of life for the families of our steelmakers, NLMK Group boosts the motivation of personnel and, consequently, increases production efficiency. These factors supported NLMK’s record performance in 2015 at several production sites and strengthened the financial stability of the business.”

Wellbeing of employees and their families

In 2015, more than RUB 1.1 billion was allocated for improvements in employees’ working conditions, disability and retirement benefits. Approximately RUB 273 million went towards healthcare for employees. An additional RUB 103 million was used to provide health resort treatment for NLMK Group employees and their families. More than RUB 131 million was used to co-finance additional non-state pensions for NLMK Group employees. More than RUB 87 million went towards social support for retirees and disabled people.

Housing programmes

In 2015, NLMK Group continued to fund housing programmes for its employees, allocating more than RUB 135 million for such initiatives. The bulk of the money was used to fund the Housing for Young Steelmakers programme at NLMK’s Lipetsk production site that employs over half of NLMK Group’s personnel.

Children’s and youth initiatives; personnel development.

Approximately RUB 845 million went towards funding family and motherhood support programmes, youth initiatives, welfare, and education. For many years, NLMK Group has been providing ongoing support for basic educational institutions in organizing the education process, and in creating the conditions needed for students to receive a quality education. NLMK Group employees are involved in a wide range of educational programmes: occupational adaptation, training in related professions, various specialized courses and workshops, etc.

Charitable activities

In 2015, NLMK allocated around RUB 400 million to the Miloserdiye charity fund to support people in hardship, orphans and orphanage leavers, and retirees. The Miloserdiye charity fund was able to help a total of over 30,000 people.

NLMK Group companies also offer sports programmes. For instance, Novolipetsk organized a competition for the city of Lipetsk featuring 23 different sports, with over 1,000 participants from children’s sports schools. Altai-Koks was a sponsor of a major horse-racing competition for the Governor of the Altai Territory Cup that took place at Barnaul racetrack as part of the 3rd stage of the Great Siberian Circle contest.

NLMK also supports cultural and arts projects, for instance it allocated financial support to the Zazerkalye (Behind the Looking Glass) dance theatre from the city of Zarinsk for it to participate in the 18th National Children’s Steel Industry Competition Metallinka-2015.

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