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4 February 2013

NLMK Kaluga commissions energy infrastructure facilities

NLMK Kaluga has completed the construction and commissioning of the first stage of its step-down “Steelmaking Plant” substation and a 220 kW 47.6 km long transmission line.

Distribution substations were put on stream to supply main and auxiliary steelmaking equipment.

Power cables were installed to connect substations directly to production facilities.

For reference:

NLMK Kaluga is part of NLMK Group’s Long Products Division; it is managed by NLMK Long Products. Design steelmaking capacity: 1.55 mtpy of liquid steel; design rolling capacity: 1.5 mtpy of long products and shapes. The Kaluga Mini Mill project is included into the list of top-priority investment projects under the Russian Steel Industry Development Strategy to 2020; the plant will supply high-quality rolled products to the construction market in Central Russia. The plant startup is scheduled for 1H 2013.

NLMK Long Products is NLMK's subsidiary that consolidates companies belonging to NLMK Group's Long Products Division. NLMK Long Product companies make up an integrated production chain from the collection and processing of ferrous scrap to the manufacture of downstream steel products – re-bar, wire rod and metalware. NLMK Long Product key companies are NSMMZ (EAF and long products) and UZPS (metalware), both located in the Sverdlovsk Region. NLMK Kaluga is at the final construction stage. Raw materials are represented by Vtorchermet NLMK – one of the largest associations of scrap-collecting companies in Russia operating in different regions of the country.