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26 October 2009

NLMK lowers intensity of energy production

Novolipetsk Steel will lower specific steel production energy intensity by 9% to 5.75 Gcal/t within three years to reach the best performance of similar EU steel companies.

The decrease in specific energy intensity between 2010 and 2012 will be accomplished by increasing in-house energy generation with the full use of secondary fuel gases, the introduction of advanced equipment with low specific energy consumption in BOF and rolling operations, the use of secondary heat fr om sinter and BF operations as well as a decrease in the loss of energy resources during their transportation.

NLMK continues to improve and enhance its energy resources accounting system. The “Energo” information and measuring system, commissioned in 2005, is able to automatically form utilities production and consumption balances. This year the automated accounting system was introduced at NLMK’s coke operations.

For the last 10 years specific energy intensity at the main production site in Lipetsk declined by almost 13%, or from 7.2 Gcal/t to 6.3 Gcal/t. This energy efficiency was possible due to the implementation of the Technical Upgrade Program, wh ere new energy-saving technologies were introduced, lines with low energy consumption were built and in-house energy generation facilities were expanded. Currently energy self sufficiency of the Lipetsk site stands at 44%.

For reference:
One of NLMK’s main goals is to increase of its energy efficiency, aiming to:
- increase energy efficiency to the level of worlds’ leading steel companies;
- decrease product costs;
- increase security in energy supply

Our Resource saving policy is published on the company’s corporate web-site