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2 June 2017

NLMK shareholders confirmed Oleg Bagrin as the group’s president and elected new Board of Directors

Shareholders of NLMK Group at its Annual General Meeting held on 2 June 2017 voted to confirm Oleg Bagrin as the Group’s President and Chief Executive Officer; and to elect a new Board of Directors, which includes five independent directors.

Nine members of the Board of Directors were elected, including five independent directors: Vladimir Lisin, Oleg Bagrin, Nikolai Gagarin, Tomas Veraszto (independent director), Helmut Wieser (independent director), Karen Sarkisov, Stanislav Shekshnia (independent director), Benedict Sciortino (independent director) and Franz Struzl (independent director).

The shareholders also approved the Company’s 2016 Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements.

Shareholders approved the payment of remuneration to members of NLMK’s Board of Directors; elected members of the Internal Audit Commission, and approved the Auditor.