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Frequently asked questions

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher should be installed. Participation in reverse tenders is only possible in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox, with the mandatory setting of Java.

Internet Explorer settings:

  • Pop-up blocking should be off.
  • Internet Explorer settings should provide for permission to operate via SSL.
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and higher, place the link for entering the system into "Local intranet of browser safety properties".
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 and higher, switch to compatibility mode. To work with PDF documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or higher is required.

If you have not been a business partner of NLMK Group before, you need to complete the self-registration procedure: Fill in the self-registration questionnaire. the questionnaire will be sent to the buyer in charge on product category you have selected. Please, specify the product categories and the plant you want to provide services/sell material to correctly. If you choose incorrectly, your company may be rejected. After confirmation of registration, you will receive an e-mail with temporary login, URL link to your personal account, and a temporary password to your account. Suppliers that were business partners of the NLMK Group the past have to use the feedback form on this portal.

You need to contact NLMK's support team at (4742) 444 - 100 or send an e-mail to The support team will respond to your request in 4-80 business hours, depending on criticality of your message. Messages related to problems with tenders/reverse tenders will have the highest priority.

When filling out the self-registration form, use the "Location" field to select the NLMK Group's plant you are prepared to provide services/materials to. If you are ready to supply materials to all plants of NLMK Group, select "NLMK Group". Please note that the buyer in charge has the right to reject your self-registration form if you select incorrect product categories or specify invalid data. You will be able to re-register for other categories only and will not be able to apply for the rejected product category.

To add a new product category to the supplier's main data, please contact the responsible employee or use the feedback form.

Use the "Plant" and "Employees" tabs in your account to change the following data:

  • Add attachments (documents);
  • Change company data;
  • Upload certificates;
  • Create new contact persons;
  • Change contact person's data.

The detailed editing procedure is described in the "Supplier Data Management" section of the manual.

NLMK Group purchases materials and services from qualified suppliers only.

After approval of your registration, you will receive an invitation for qualification (URL link to the questionnaire). If your company is not a manufacturer, you will receive an additional reseller audit form. Supplier status in the market is determined after you fill in the "Supplier type" and "Supplier status in the market" fields during self-registration.

The invitation for re-qualification comes automatically from the buyer in charge after expiry of the qualification period.

The information in the e-mail with links to the questionnaire forms will be stored:

  • For general qualification questionnaire – 14 calendar days
  • For additional reseller audit form – 7 calendar days.

In case you do not follow the link to the questionnaires within the specified period of time, you can fill in the questionnaire in your personal account using the "Qualification" tab.

After each step of the audit, both for positive and negative results, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Please note that you need to keep your e-mail addresses in your personal account up to date.

Information on planned tenders is posted annually on NLMK Group's official website in the "Procurement" section.

Only suppliers that have passed the qualification procedure according to NLMK Group's criteria may participate in the tender procedures. The qualification procedure is provided in the manual at NLMK Group's official website in the "Procurement" section.

You will receive an invitation to bid to your e-mail. Please note that you need to carefully observe the deadline for submitting your bid. After expiration of this date it is not possible to submit your bid.

Extension of the tender period is only possible prior to the bid submission deadline. To do this, contact the buyer in charge.

The tender price is always net of VAT.

An offer must be submitted in the tender currency, unless the buyer in charge has additionally specified a list of allowed currencies. To make changes:

Option 1: Select a currency from the list of available currencies for the tender in the "Bidding information" tab.

Option 2: if the required currency is not available in the "Bidding information" tab, you should contact the person responsible for the tender with the request to add the additional currency and post the tender again.

Attention! Residents may submit bids in rubles or conventional currency (UE). Non-residents may only submit bids in foreign currency (EUR, USD, etc.)

When receiving an offer, carefully read the information in the "Location" field.⁠

See the "Notes and Applications" tab for more information about the tender and the material.

If the person responsible for the tender has set the "Closed" status (manually), the supplier will not receive the notification on the change of the status, and will not be able to find the closed tender in its personal account list.