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Become a partner

What are our requirements for partners

In order to mitigate the risks of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by contractors, to create and maintain competitive environment, NLMK Group qualifies contractors. The contractor that has been checked for compliance with the effective requirements in the field of economic and industrial safety and technical expertise is considered qualified and may be admitted to procurement procedures.

Qualification stages

General qualification
Qualification in compliance with OHS requirements for contractor organizations
Category-base qualification

Partners are not allowed to work if detected:

  • Notifications on bankruptcy, information on bankruptcy procedure in process, tax debt
  • Critical financial risk index (SPARK)
  • Critical due diligence index (SPARK)
  • No registration in USRLE (Unified State Register of Legal Entities)
  • Decisions on liquidation, reorganization of a contractor
  • Supplier’s registration in an apartment
  • Enforcement proceedings in process, arrest of property
  • Unprofitability for 2 years and more
  • Non-compliance with the minimum requirements on fixed assets or equity in the last reporting period
  • Company’s term of operation less than 2 years
  • The mandatory documents are not attached to the questionnaire
  • Non-compliance with the minimum requirements for the company’s headcount
Memo for contractors

OHS requirements

  1. Occupational safety issues:
    1. Training
    2. Responsibility
    3. Management systems and guidelines
  2. Fire safety issues:
    1. Training
    2. Responsibility
  3. Industrial safety attestation
  4. Working at heights:
    1. Training
    2. Permit
    3. Responsibility
  5. Electrical safety:
    1. Headcount qualification
    2. Employee’s work experience
  6. Information about ensuring traffic safety:
    1. Training
    2. Responsibility
  7. Initial and periodic medical examinations
  8. Provision of personal protection equipment for personnel
  9. Availability of special assessment of working conditions
  10. Voluntary environmental management system certification
OHS requirements

Category requirements

  • Selection criteria for each category are unique
  • Preference is given to manufacturers or affiliates of manufacturers
  • Experience in performing the specified category of work in the market

If there arise additional questions, you can send your requests via the feedback form.

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How to become a partner of NLMK Group

Get access to the Personal Account in SAP SRM electronic platform

NLMK Group procures materials/services only from qualified suppliers.

It is possible to pass the qualification procedure for compliance with NLMK Group criteria only after registration and filling in of a registration questionnaire.

Pass a qualification selection

Fill out the template of the general qualification questionnaire, which is received after successful registration, and send it for verification.

The result of consideration of the general qualification questionnaire is sent to the e-mail specified in the registration form.

If there are any comments at the qualification stage, the supplier may submit a request for an additional audit of the supplier/on-site verification.

Fill in the template of category questionnaires for the categories of products that were selected during registration.

The partner receives category questionnaires after successfully completion of the general qualification.

Take part in tender procedures

Submit a proposal for participation in the tender after receiving an invitation by e-mail. To do this, follow the link in the e-mail and familiarize yourself with the tender requirements, submit an offer within the time limits specified in the proposal.

Signing of a contract

The priority is to conclude contracts according to the form of NLMK Group companies.

The conclusion and support of contracts is carried out by the Corporate Solutions Center LLC on the basis of a service agreement between the Corporate Solutions Center LLC and NLMK Group companies.

Delivery of goods or provision of a service
Assessment and audit of the contractor

Services for partners

NLMK Group companies use electronic services that simplify the process of cooperation with partners

The main electronic platform where qualification and tender procedures are carried out
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* only for Russian residents
Electronic order exchange and shipment notification generation Guidelines on supplier’s work in SUS.
* only for Russian residents

Electronic Data Interchange - electronic exchange of logistics, commercial and financial information between the accounting systems of trading partners.

* only for Russian residents
Electronic document flow of legally significant documents
* only for Russian residents
Contractor’s Services
The platform for qualified contractors hosting main services required for work at NLMK
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Partner audit and evaluation

Partner audit

NLMK Group conducts audits of contractors: suppliers, contractor organizations, custodians of NLMK Group products.

If nonconformities are identified that affect the quality, timing, safety of manufactured products and/or services provided by the contractor, the contractor must provide the audit team with the results of eliminating the identified nonconformities and the corrective measures taken to prevent repeated violations.

Audit services are provided by the Corporate Solutions Center LLC ("the CSC") on the basis of a service agreement between the Corporate Solutions Center LLC and NLMK Group companies.

During the audits, the technological processes of production (provision of services) under controlled and safe conditions, the availability and sufficiency of control procedures and resources for the timely and high-quality execution of orders of NLMK Group are evaluated.

If there is a desire to cooperate with the NLMK Group, a contractor, in order to confirm its compliance, may contact the NLMK Group (Contacts) and offer to conduct an audit at its production site. The decision on the need for an audit and the form of payment is made jointly with the responsible persons from NLMK Group.

Based on the results of the audit, a report is generated, which, after agreement with the responsible persons from NLMK Group, is sent to the contractor. The report contains an evaluation of the contractor’s compliance with the requirements established by NLMK Group.

Supplier evaluation

Based on the results of work with NLMK Group suppliers, an operational evaluation (once a quarter) and a final evaluation (once a year) are carried out.

Evaluation parameters: Accuracy of delivery, Quality of supplied materials, Quality of primary documents, Payment upon delivery, Availability of joint initiatives, Availability of certified QMSs. The final results are sent to the SAP SRM supplier’s personal account in the section Management > Evaluation report. Detailed information about the existing evaluations can be obtained in the SAP SRM personal account or by clicking on the link in the email that will be mailed when the evaluation data is updated, as well as through the QUBO digital assistant.

Based on the results of the final evaluation and based on the total amount of points received, the supplier is assigned the status A, B, C, D.

Class D suppliers are not allowed to participate in procurement procedures for the relevant categories of procurement, the status "not qualified" is assigned.

Return of the qualified status is done through a conciliation commission.