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For suppliers

One of the key purpose of the procurement team is to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted flow of goods, materials and services to the Group's companies . The procurement process at the Group is designed in such a way as to ensure that high-quality goods are procured in a timely and accurate matter and that the prоcurement process is a transparent and competitive as possible.

In order to improve the efficiency of procurement processes, the bulk of the Group's procurement is purchased centrally, the low-value purchases are carried with local рrocurement classified in a separate category and supervised by the heads of local procurement departments.

As a large consumer of a variety of a number goods and services, the Group is able to have a positive impact on reducing production, social and environmental risks within the supply chain.The Group seeks to cooperate with suppliers of goods and contractors that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability principles.

In order to work with NKMK Group, it is imperative that suppliers and contractors operate ethically and conscientiously. In this regard, the Group expects all partners to comply with the NLMK supplier's code of business ethics. We also expect our contractors to strictly comply with all applicable legal requirements, including environmental protection and occupational health and safety. 

Vice President of Procurement
Anatoly Khebnev