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5-year highlights

Thanks to a well-balanced business model, a diversified product mix, and continuous efforts to enhance the efficiency of business processes, NLMK Group managed to maintain a high level of operational and financial performance. NLMK Group is one of the most financially stable companies in the industry. Optimization of production processes, innovative thinking, and commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility have allowed the Company to achieve sustainable development goals that will ensure its long-term leadership in the sector.

Steel production

15,9 15,9 16,4 16,8 17,3
16,1 16,1 16,6 17,1 17,5
95 93 95 98 99
76 70 69 72 78
15,1 15,9 15,9 16,5 17,6

Crude steel production, mln t (metric tonnes), without NBH

Crude steel production, mln t (metric tonnes), with NBH

NLMK capacity utilization rate,

Global capacity utilization rate,

Steel product sales,
mln t (metric tonnes)

1 2 3