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11 May 2012

NLMK commissions high-capacity hot metal desulphurization unit

NLMK has commissioned a 5.8 mt/y two-station hot metal desulfurization unit at its main site in Lipetsk. This will result in a higher share of low-sulfur metal and an expanded range of steels with improved quality characteristics.

The project, implemented as part of Stage II of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Programme, is directly related to the Company’s plans to grow steel production from 9 to 12.4 mt following the commissioning of the new Blast Furnace #7 and the new BOF. Three hot metal desulfurization units with a total capacity of circa 7 mt/y have been launched earlier. With the commissioning of the new facilities, NLMK will be able to treat the entire volume of hot metal, ensuring S ? 0.005% in the melt before it is poured into the BOF.

The production complex is equipped with a high-efficiency waste gas removal system that ensures environmental performance in line with the best available technology (BAT).

The project was implemented together with ESM (USA) and investments totaled around RUR1.5 billion.

For reference:

Desulphurization units are used to reduce the content of sulphur in hot metal with the help of composite powder reagents. The metal is treated in a teaming ladle before being charged into the BOF.